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VIDA team: De Biggenspecialisten

To be seen as the Number 1 in piglet nutrition by farmers, vets and the market through a uniquely dedicated approach of specialist nutrition, advice, production and proven performance delivered with passion.

Dedicated team and people

  • A team of experts solely responsible for piglet nutrition and the performance of your piglets.
  • Backed up by local technical experts who provide specialist on farm management advice.
  • Unparalleled support from piglet and pig nutritionists from ForFarmers international Nutritional Innovation Centre and Trouw Nutrition, out Strategic Partners.
  • An international team of nutritional and management advisors, who can share experience and knowledge in specific areas including antibiotic optimisation and zinc oxide removal.

Advice approach

We use a unique advice approach to help you set short, medium and long term goals and achieve them through regular reviews, support visits on farm from our full team and provide expert feed and piglet management expertise 3developed by our NIC and our strategic partners Trouw Nutrition. Our set of unique tools ensure we can help you effectively and efficiently monitor and measure you performance and bench mark this against your and others pig herds mention Agroscoop. Regular reports are presented simply and can be shared throughout your unit to ensure goals understood by staff and objectives met. Piglet vitality check …


The comprehensive VIDA Range has been designed to establish the foundations of excellent growth throughout the pig’s life and not just up to 4 weeks after weaning. The diets incorporate unique nutritional innovations to support piglet gut health, feed intake and daily live weight gain. The VIDA diets are the piglet feeds that enable the proper preparation of the piglets gastrointestinal tract to enable faster growth in the latter stages, and ensure piglet health is not compromised without the help of antibiotics/zinc oxide. A full diet range: cup-start – pre-start – Ultima 1 – 5 etc. Feeding solutions and diet regimes are designed to meet your unique needs

Sow management / nutrition

As market leaders in Sow Nutrition we have unparalleled knowledge of the birth through to weaning. We recognise that piglet performance starts with the sow he development of a strong robust piglet starts before conception. Quality colostrum comes from sow nutrition – colostrum score. Through understanding and knowing the nutrition of the sow we can match the needs of the piglet. NOVA Brand. Large litters, hyper prolific sows – more vulnerable piglets we recognise the importance of pre-weaning nutrition – milk replacers, pre-starters to increase piglet immunity.



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