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Afbeelding: Vets in Piglet Vitality

ForFarmers Vets in Piglet Vitality congress: Today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities

We are proud to invite you, as pig veterinarian, to our Vets in Piglet Vitality congress "Today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities". An event at which the connection between health and nutrition will be the central theme.

ForFarmers Vets in Piglet Vitality will be at December 3rd & 4th December 2019.

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany (Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Karl-Arnold-Platz 5, 40474 Düsseldorf)

The ForFarmers Vets in Piglet Vitality congress is qualified by the Dutch Permanent Education institute for 6 educational points.

Program and information

The ForFarmers Vets in Piglet Vitality - is a 2 day event which will include the following topics and speakers:

  • Editing disease resistance into pig
    Dr. Chris Proudfoot - Roslin Institute
  • Innovations in understanding Streptococcus suis
    Dr. Astrid de Greeff - Senior scientist, Wageningen University and Research
  • Piglet vitality in a Zinc free, low medication world - a Danish perspective
    Dr. Lis Shooter - Seges
  • The role of fermented feed in enhancing intestinal health
    Ronald Scholten - Dr Ferm
  • Nutrition & health working side by side to deliver better piglet vitality - A case study
    Dr. Pieter van Rengen - Vetpractice Lintjeshof
  • Nutritional innovations supporting piglet vitality
    Ad van Wesel - Nutrition Innovation Director, ForFarmers
  • Local market views - a veterinary perspective from United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • Breakout sessions to discuss and exchange knowledge on practical challenges relating to piglet health and vitality

Unique opportunity to network with practicing vet colleagues across North West Europe.

Registration ForFarmers Vets in Piglet Vitality 2019 is closed